Update on the Conshy Dog Park

As we reported last week, the Conshy Dog Park was on the agenda of the Wednesday, January 4th meeting of Conshohocken’s Borough Council. The dog park was created under a public/private partnership that established a community group that was to maintain the park.

The community group fell apart once its leader, Raj Gupta (who was a member of Borough Council), moved out of Conshohocken. The park was also membership driven, which means you had to pay to use it.  It is also awkwardly located on Borough property between the Londonbury apartments and the river. It feels like you are going onto private property and there isn’t any signage directing visitors off of Washington Street and letting them know where it is permissible to park.

Anyhow, the park basically fell back into the Borough’s lap. The Borough and a few volunteers have been trying to make improvements. A paved path was installed a few months ago.

During the meeting last Wednesday, Borough Manager Richard Manfredi and Borough Solicitor Michael Savona recommended to Borough Council that the Borough assume control of the park, plus establish a new volunteer committee that would help oversee it. This would put the dog park under the Recreation Services Department, which manages the the Borough’s other parks.

Nothing was decided at the meeting, but expect a decision to be made in the near future.