Update on the Wawa

The Times Herald ran a piece on what is happening with the proposed Wawa.  You can read the story by clicking here. As you will read in the story, we are waiting on the release of the appeal submitted by the developers.  We emailed with the Zoning Officer yesterday and it is expected to be released on Friday or Monday.

What is being appealed?  According to the Times Herald:

The appeal by PPF challenges the validity of the residential zoning district, asks for an interpretation of the zoning changes that were originally requested and asks for zoning variances that would allow construction to proceed, said Christine Stetler, the Conshohocken Community Development and Zoning Officer.

Provco Pineville Fayette is the developer, which is a partnership between Goodman Properties and Provco.

Once we receive a copy of the paperwork, we will publish it. Stay tuned.