Very Conshy Engagement Photos | Randy Klein Photography

Randy Klein of Randy Klein Photography sent us a set of engagement photographs taken around Conshohocken. Here is what Klein shared about them:

I’ve been friends with Annika for a while so I was super excited when she asked me to take engagement photos of her and Mark. Shooting with friends is always a ton of fun because I get to relax and try some stuff I wouldn’t normally try. Plus, it helps when the couple is fun and up for whatever! We decided on a very Conshy theme for the photos. First stop was the Conshohocken Brewing Company which was perfect because we all got to start the session with a decent beer. From there, we hopped around to a few scenic Conshohocken spots and had a cameo appearance from Lilly and Teddy. We even took one pic in the middle of Fayette Street and lived to show it!

If you want to see the complete set of photos, click here. Below are a few: