Viral TikTok video shows man who parked a tractor-trailer on Fayette Street in Conshohocken blocking in other vehicles

So several people mentioned this viral video to, which shows an interesting incident along the 100 block of Fayette Street a few nights ago. The video has four parts and the first part has been viewed over a half-a-million times.

Based on watching the videos and speaking with the person who took the video, a man parked a tractor-trailer in the outside traffic lane in front of The Great American Pub. This prevented several cars from being able to pull out to leave. After parking, he went inside (not clear which business) and it appears he was on a date or had met someone that night.

The person who took the video was one of those blocked in. She waits, but eventually calls the police. The police arrive and the driver is located. Police give the driver of the tractor-trailer a breathalyzer, which he apparently passed because he wasn’t arrested. He eventually moved the truck.


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Photos: Screengrabs from @janicerubbo4’s videos on TikTok