Watch 1990’s Implosion of Smoke Stack at Miquon

We came across a video on titled “Riverside Paper Mill Stacks – Conshohocken, PA” and asked the Conshohocken Historical Society for some information on the paper mill.

What we discovered is that it was from the location of the Hamilton Paper Company in Miquon (which today is within the Conshohocken 19428 zip code). The stacks were from the mill’s power plant. From the Historical Society of Montgomery County:

The W. C. Hamilton Paper Company goes back to 1858, when Edwin R. Cope hired William C. Hamilton to manage his Riverside Paper Mill. Of course, papermaking in Pennsylvania goes way back to colonial times, and Miquon had been home to paper mills since 1746.

The mill closed in 1995 and today the property is an office park, AIM Academy and the Miquon Train Station. The office buildings were redeveloped in 1999. So it is likely the implosion took place sometime in the late 1990s.

Photo: Screengrab from’s video