Watch the presentation on the proposed apartments at the Plymouth Meeting Mall

On June 1st there was a presentation of a proposal by PREIT and the Hanover Company to construct a 375 to 400 unit, five-story, apartment community at the Plymouth Meeting Mall. The location would be where IKEA’s former headquarters was located near the Whole Foods Market.

The above image is a layout from the proposal. The top of the image shows a street-level crossing to Whole Foods Market. The apartment building takes up the entire parking lot to the right of Whole Foods Market if you are looking at it from Germantown Pike. The apartment building will have an internal parking garage within it. Residents can drive to and park on the floor they live on.

You can watch the presentation below:

This proposal was scheduled to be on the June 8th agenda of Plymouth’s Council but was removed. We will provide an update on when it will be on agenda next.

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Image: Hanover Company (screengrab from Zoom presentation)