Weinmann Moving to Redevelop Property Near the Conshohocken Train Station

If you were wondering why the property owner terminated the lease, then provided a four month extension, for the SEPTA lot, we can now share with you the reason. Developer Ray Weinmann is planning to redevelop the gravel lot and the area on the bridge side of The Outbound Station with a building and parking garage called The Gateway. We learned this today when we emailed Weinmann to ask about the gravel lot and he directed us to a video on his website that provides some details on his plans.

If you go back and review the “Vision Plan” for the train station area that Borough and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission published in 2009, you will see that the main image from the cover is the same image Weinmann used in the opening of his video. The image can be more clearly seen at the top of the article.

We have asked Weinmann if the retail center and parking garage that comprise the building, as it was detailed in the 2009 “Vision Plan,” is still the concept, but we haven’t received an answer back yet (we had some other questions too). If you want to review the plan from 2009 go to pages six and seven of the ‘Vision Plan”.

We will provide an update on this story when we have more details.