Whitemarsh Board of Supervisors Vote 4-0 to Approve 67 Townhouses on Abolition Hall Property

The Whitemarsh Township Board of Supervisors voted tonight 4-0 to approve a resolution that approved 67 townhomes to be built on the Abolition Hall property in Plymouth Meeting. Supervisors Amy Grossman (D), Michael Drossner (D), Fran McCusker (D) and Laura Boyle Nester (D) cast the affirmative votes. Supervisor Melissa Sterling (D) recused herself.

The process started with the resolution being read out loud by the solicitor for the Board of Supervisors. The approval came with 22 conditions. You can read the entire resolution here.

After the resolution was read the floor was opened for public comment. Several of those commenting went through the conditions and pointed out how they could be strengthened. Others discussed the historic nature of the property (as a stop on the Underground Railroad) and urged that the property be protected.

One thing that happened that was interesting is that a man was speaking and was interrupted by Solicitor Sean Kilkenney. The man turned to Kilkenney and told him that he wasn’t elected to represent him. The way Kilkenney interjected himself into the meeting reminded us of how Michael Savona, the former solicitor of Conshohocken, behaved during public meetings. In the end, you shouldn’t blame Kilkenney, the Supervisors allow him to do it.

Below are two videos. The first has the resolution being read and then some public comment. The second has the Board of Supervisors giving statements on why they intend to vote for the resolution and the actual vote.

Based on what the attorney for the Friends of Abolition Hall said during public comment, the group is not ruling out suing.

More to come.