Who Wants to be a Council Person?

As we mentioned in a Facebook post, Carolyn Maye (R) has resigned as the council person for the 4th Ward.  Her official last day is tomorrow.  When someone resigns, the remaining members of the Borough Council have 30 days to appoint a replacement.

So want to help decide the fate of Wawa, the old fire house, the Verizon Building and several other major areas poised for development in Conshohocken?  There are two  requirements that you have to meet.  First, you need to have lived in Conshohocken for one year.  Second is that you must currently live in the 4th Ward.  Not sure if you live in the 4th Ward?  There is a map below:

Want to be considered for the appointment?  Send a letter, resume, etc., to the Borough office at 1 West 1st Avenue, Suite 200,  Conshohocken, PA 19428.