Worker at Conshohocken Steel Plant Finds Racist Message and Oil Poured on Steps

Teke Coleman, an African-American rail road operator at the ArcelorMittal steel plant in Conshohocken (Plymouth Township), posted to his Facebook page photos that show racist messages and oil poured onto steps in the portion of the plant he works in. According to Coleman, he is the only person of color that works in that specific office.

The top photo shows the message he found and below is a photo of the steps where the oil was poured.

Coleman shared via a phone call with that this was not the first incident of this nature. He has also found a noose hung by the railroad tracks and racist messaging on the stalls in the bathroom. In the past he has reported the incidents to management, which he stated did not result in any kind of action. In regards to the latest incident, he filed a report with ArcelorMittal and the Plymouth Township Police Department.

Last year ArcelorMittal announced that it would idle a part of its Conshohocken operation. 150 of the 300 employees at the time of the announcement in September 2017 were projected to lose their jobs. The layoffs started in September and Coleman believes he will be laid off in December.

We asked Coleman why he was targeted. He said he has spoken up about issues involving the plan in the past. Seniority also played a role on when workers were laid off. Coleman stated that he is the only one trained to do his job involving the rail road and has been kept longer than others with more seniority.

Below is a video Coleman posted to Facebook about the incident:

Photos: Teke Coleman