Would the proposed “Fayette Street Corridor Overlay District” permit a Wawa in Conshohocken?

Earlier today we published an article on a proposed zoning overlay along Fayette Street in Conshohocken. If adopted as currently written, it could result in redevelopment projects between the Matsonford Bridge and the border with Whitemarsh Township at 12th Avenue. We encourage you to read that article before this one.

In that initial article, we promised to answer a few questions that we had about the proposed ordinance. Let’s get the big question out of the way first. Would the developer behind the long sought Wawa be able to utilize the overlay to open along the 1100 block of Fayette Street or within the third zone?

The third zone allows retail establishments, restaurants, cafes, retail sales (bakery, candy, pastry, confectionary or ice cream), and finally Farmer’s or grocer’s market. You could say that Wawa in some capacity covers those uses.

However, there are two prohibitions that would prevent a Wawa, one involves the sale of fuel and the other involves permitted hours of operation. The proposed ordinance defines “Grocer’s Market” as a “retail establishment which primarily sells food, but also may sell other convenience and household goods, and which occupies no more than 13,000 square feet of gross floor area. Such use shall not include the sale of fuel.”

The second prohibition is all “nonresidential uses permitted in Zone Three shall cease operation by 10:00 P.M.” Wawas are mainly 24-hour operations.

There you have it.