Your Candidates for West Conshohocken’s Borough Council

There are six seats up for election in 2019 on West Conshohocken’s Borough Council. Four seats are for four-year terms. Two are for two-year terms. All seats are normally four-year terms, but there were two resignations that led to appointments. Those appointed can’t serve more than two years in office, so these are special elections.

The West Conshohocken Borough Council is currently made up of six Democrats and one Republican.

Each seat represents the entire borough, so everyone will vote for all six seats.

The candidates are:

Four Year Term – Democratic Party

Danelle Fournier (incumbent)
Tara Gorney (incumbent)
Richard Greenstein (incumbent)
Douglas Borgerson (incumbent)

Four Year Term – Republican Party

David R. Frankenfield Jr.
Joseph G. Pignoli (former mayor)
Robert Leary Jr.

Two Year Term – Democratic Party

Tori Conicello-Emery
Jack Cooper (incumbent)

Two Year Term – Republican Party

David R. Frankenfield Jr.
Robert Leary Jr.