Your Conshy Wish List

‘Tis the season to build that wish list.  Sure, many of us want the newest gadget, phone, or anything to make this crazy life a simpler one, but we if we built a wish list for our town?

That’s right, what are your wishes for Conshohocken Borough?  Is it roadways and transportation?  Is it further development of the riverfront complete with retail space and walking malls?  Or is it new homes and an increased mix of housing stock including single homes?

There is no doubt these kinds of gifts won’t come nicely bundled in paper and a bow, but they may be delivered over the next five to ten years.  It is true that most everything functions better with good, honest communication and that is seldom more apparent than the local city government.  What if you committed yourself to attend one public meeting this year?  Or if you committed yourself to getting involved with a few community functions?

As for me, I would like to see an increased focus on driving retail businesses to the area.  Places for us to sit down, enjoy a cup o’ joe, and relax on the riverfront or in the business district of Fayette Street.  I think it would be great to see the vision of the riverfront unfold into a large pedestrian friendly shopping and eating district.  I think these ideas would really make Conshohocken a destination point or the “city outside the city”.  I understand Conshy already has some great places to eat and shop and enjoy time, but I feel the riverfront still has a lot to offer not only to working folks in the towers, but to us as residents of the neighborhood.

The leaders of this Borough have plenty of challenges ahead as these current times continue to drive home the importance of fiscal responsibility.  These challenges need our attention now and in the future.  With input and ideas from the constituents, they are better armed to draft a plan that includes our wishes.  So, what’s on your list?