Zoning relief sought for proposed “wine garden” and recreation venue in Conshohocken

On the July 15th agenda for the Conshohocken Zoning Hearing Board is an application from Cooper Winery that proposes a “wine garden” and an outdoor recreation venue at 127 East Elm Street in Conshohocken (Borough of Conshohocken).

Cooper Winery is owned by Conshohocken-resident Christina Pieri and located at Pieri Farm & Vineyard in Bucks County. Her husband, Brian Pieri, is the founder of Pieri Hospitality which owns the farm and The StoneRose, Bar Lucca, and Bar Sera in Conshohocken.

Current renderings show a raised building that would include a bar, dining space, and bathrooms, with the outdoor space offering two pickleball courts, a bocce court, space for a food truck, and outdoor seating with fire pits. The bar would offer wines and beers from Pennsylvania, and potentially local canned spirits as well.

Zoning relief sought by the winery involves involves allowing this type of venue within the flood plain conservation district and then technical variances such as setbacks, fence heights, parking, etc. The zoning notice reads:

The petitioner is seeking a Variance from Sections §27-1713.1.B.(1), §27-1714.1.A, B, D, F, H, & K; §27-1505.A.(2); §27-809.1.Table A.1 & 2; §27-810; §27-820.F; and a Special Exception and Variance pursuant to Section §27-2006 to permit the building construction and landscaping located at five (5)-ft setback from the southwest corner of the E. Elm and Ash Streets intersection right-of-way lines, whereas a minimum fifteen (15)-ft setback is required and obstruction to vision at intersections within the required yard setbacks are prohibited; to permit the associated clearing, grading, and filling for an outdoor wine garden use with outdoor sports courts and active recreational space and amenities, fencing, driveway, parking area for a food truck, and stormwater management facilities, whereas these uses, activities, and such permanent structures are prohibited within the floodplain conservation overlay district; to permit an outdoor trash enclosure area to be located adjacent the property line whereas a ten (10)-ft setback is required; to allow a ten (10)-ft high fence surrounding the sports court area, whereas a fence may
not exceed a maximum height of six (6)-ft within the SP-1 zoning district; and to allow a parking reduction and provide the required off-street parking for the proposed uses off-site of the property.

The zoning hearing is scheduled for July 15th at 7:00 p.m. at the borough hall at 400 Fayette Street.

Disclosure – Pieri Hospitality advertises with MoreThanTheCurve.com

Images – Cooper Winery