Zoso | Pet of the Week

Zoso, a boxer/mastiff mix from Plymouth Township just turned two. Zozo’s mom found her at Brandywine Valley SPCA when she was just one and a half years old. Unfortunately, her previous owners weren’t so nice to her. Due to her size, she was used as a “bait” dog for breaking up dog fights.

Zoso was brought into the shelter covered in big burns, taser marks, and was severely underweight. Her new mom came to the shelter, met her, and that very day Zoso found her fur-ever home!

It wasn’t very easy for Zoso to trust again, but she overcame that fear (amongst many others) and now she loves going to dog parks, playing with kiddos, and getting to eat all of her favorite treats!

Zoso was a real good girl during training and she is now registered as an emotional support dog! Her mom thinks she saved Zoso, but Zoso knows she really saved mom.

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