2009’s Top 10 Stories

As we move forward into 2010, lets take a moment to review the top news stories from 2009.  They are in no particular order:

1. Cadient moving its offices and 145 employees from West Conshohocken to King of Prussia.

2. A $36.25 settlement was reached on behalf of the victims of the 2008 Riverwalk fire.

3. The StoneRose Restaurant opening.

4. Viggianno’s closing and Spamps expanding into the space and opening Spampinato’s.

5.  Carolyn Maye’s (R)  upset win over incumbent Sandra Caterbone (D) for a seat on Borough Council.

6. The mayoral election involving the election night winner, Marty Eckert (D), eventually being told that he did not win the election by four votes, but actually lost to Bob Frost (R) by one vote.

7. Conshohocken’s Borough Council voting to lower property tax millage by 12.5%.

8. CardioNet’s financial position and price negotiations making news throughout the year.

9. 8 East still not opening.

10. Sidewalk improvements between Elm and 5th Avenues.

Think I missed something?  Post it below.