8 East to Become……..

Kim Strengari and Marianne Gere, the owners of Stella Blu and Gypsy Saloon in West Conshohocken, have signed an agreement to lease the 8 East space.  8 East closed over the weekend and Kim and Marianne plan to reopen the bar and restaurant as Southern Cross Kitchen on or around November 15th.

As the name implies, the menu will feature a southern menu.  The upstairs space will be utilized day to day as part of the restaurant and will also be available for private functions.  During private functions, you will be able to select between the menus of Stella Blu, Gypsy Saloon and Southern Cross Kitchen.

They are making some minor stylistic changes throughout the space, such as paint and fixtures, so they do not expect any delays getting opened as they plan on November 15th.

FYI, if you can’t wait to try some of their southern food, Stella Blu is offering a southern comfort classics menu throughout October.

Stay tuned for more details.