A Wave of Development in Conshohocken’s Future

We bet a lot of people would think that Conshohocken is fully developed. That isn’t the case and there are properties that have approvals for apartment communities or office buildings that have yet to be built and there are proposals for other properties that have not yet been approved.

Each big project is detailed below:

Westside of Conshohocken

No. 1 – SORA WEST from Keystone Property Group
Location – Corner of West Elm Street and Fayette Street.
Status – Under construction.

SORA West includes a 400,000 square foot office building that will be home to AmerisourceBergen’s corporate headquarters, a 130-room hotel, parking garage, restaurant within a renovated historic firehouse, and a public square.

No. 2 – 51 Washington Street, under agreement by LCOR
Location – 51 Washington Street.
Status – Approved.

Back in 2014, O’Neill Properties received approval to build a 300-unit apartment building at 51 Washington Street in Conshohocken. Shortly after receiving approval, O’Neill flipped the development to Mack-Cali, which was going to move forward with the project under its Roseland division. Recently, the Philadelphia Business Journal published an article about a new developer LCOR having the property under agreement and looking to move forward with an apartment building.

No. 3 – Conshohocken Train Station from SEPTA
Location – Just west of Oak Street.
Status – Going through the design process.

The new station would be 530′ long and be a high-level platform that is fully accessible. The inbound side (to Center City) would have an interior waiting area, canopied waiting areas on the exterior and restrooms. The outbound side (towards Norristown) would have sheltered waiting areas. A new crossing over the tracks would be installed at Oak Street.

No. 4 – Washington Street at Oak Street, under agreement by High Street Residential
Location – Just west of Oak Street between the proposed new train station. and the river is a proposal for 256 apartments from High Street Residential.

Status – This is going through the approval process. Conshohocken’s Borough Council will need to vote to approve or deny an application for “Conditional Use.” The Planning Commission voted to not recommend Borough Council approving the “Conditional Use.” In the end, it’s up to Borough Council.

No. 5 – SEPTA
SEPTA is attempting to secure this property for a surface parking lot for the new train station.

No. 6 – 400 West Elm from Equus
Location – 400 West Elm Street in Conshohocken (this is just west of The Grande).
Status – Approved for 340,000 square feet (with the ability to expand to 390,000) office building. It has not broken ground.

Eastside of Conshohocken

No. 7 – Seven Tower Bridge from Oliver Tyrone Pulver Corporation
Location – Just below the Matsonford Bridge between the river and Eight Tower Bridge.
Status – It was announced last week that the building is moving forward and Hamilton Lane is the main tenant. The construction process is starting now. The building will be a 14-story, 260,000 square foot office tower.

No. 8 – 229 Washington Street, Millennium IV from O’Neill Properties
Location: This is the field where the helipad is located along the river.
Status: Approved, but hasn’t broken ground. Millennium IV is a nine-story 420,000 square foot office building.

No. 9 – 401-433 Washington Street from MLP Builders (O’Neill Properties)
Location: This property is on the river and is split by the Borough of Conshohocken and Whitemarsh Township border.

Status: Approved, but hasn’t broken ground. This project was approved for 598 apartments back in 2014 as part of a settlement with the developer. MLP Builders now has the project as two different apartment communities on its website. The 401 Washington Street address is listed with 295 apartments and 433 Washington Street is listed as 333 units (together totaling 598).

No. 10 – 501 Washington Street
Status: Being utilized as-is. No known plan for redevelopment

No. 11 – 601 Washington Street from MLP Ventures (O’Neill Properties)
Location: Just upriver from the Hines Rowing Center.
Status: This is currently going through the steps to be approved or denied in Whitemarsh Township. It would feature 270 apartments.

Note – There is no 701 Washington Street in Montgomery County property records.

No. 12 – 801 Washington Street
This is the Hines Rowing Center and is not going to be redeveloped beyond potentially adding additional boathouses for high schools and universities.

No. 13 – 75 Townhouses at 901 Washington Street by 901 Washington Street Partners, LP
Location – Just downriver from the Hines Rowing Center. It is just upriver from David’s Bridal.
Status – Going through the approval process for 75 townhouses in Whitemarsh Township.

No. 14 – David’s Bridal headquarters at 1001 Washington Street.
Status – Already developed.