Ambitious Riverfront Plan for Conshohocken and Whitemarsh

During March’s workshop meeting of Conshohocken’s Borough Council, there was a presentation of a riverfront plan created on behalf of the Borough of Conshohocken and Whitemarsh Township. The plan presents suggestions on how to create a unified riverfront riverfront from the Matsonford Bridge to the area of Whitemarsh just over the Conshohocken border (think Spring Mill Train Station area). The plan was created by Carter van Dyke Associates.

Study Area

The plan presented is very ambitious. It shows ball fields, elevated park space and walkways, a new pedestrian/bike bridge over the river, event spaces, a walkway under the Matsonford Bridge, etc. Generally, it creates the opportunity to really make the riverfront accessible to the public and create a reason for the public to want to go down there.

Study 3

As this plan goes forward, it will be further refined and presented at public meetings. Eventually Conshohocken’s Borough Council and Whitemarsh’s Board of Supervisors will have to decide if they want to adopt it as the official plan for the riverfront. If it is adopted, it is not binding. Think of it as more of a guide of how the riverfront should be made more public-friendly going forward with a bunch of ideas on how to achieve that.

To view the entire plan, click here.