Apartments and North Lane parking lots on agenda for Whitemarsh Township’s Planning Commission reported recently on a sketch plan and subdivision application that have been submitted to Whitemarsh Township. Both of these items are on the January 9th agenda of the Whitemarsh Township Planning Commission.

The planning commission reviews development and land use plans and has the opportunity to offer a recommendation to the zoning hearing board or the township’s supervisors.

The sketch plan was submitted by High Top Development and proposes a 165 unit apartment building and 25 townhouses on the David’s Bridal property at 1001 Washington Street in Conshohocken (Whitemarsh Township) (pictured above). The property is adjacent to the Spring Mill Train Station. You can view the sketch plan here.

The sketch plan shows that the current parking garage for the office building would be kept and five stories of apartments would be constructed above. Each story would have 30 one-bedroom apartments and three with two bedrooms. The office building would be demolished and in its place 25 townhouses would be constructed. Demolishing the building would allow two way traffic along Washington Street and access and and off the riverfront from Lee Street.

The subdivision plan was submitted by Alliance HP, the owner of the Spring Mill Campus in the Conshohocken (Whitemarsh Township). It seeks to subdivide the two large parking lots situated between East North Lane and Righter Street.

The two parking lots encompass slightly more than 5.5 acres. The subdivision would create two parcels, with the lot on the Righter Street side being 3.129 acres and the one along East North Lane 2.423 acres. You can view the application here

The proposal states that there is not a current plan for development.

While the proposals come from different developers, they are related in the sense that Whitemarsh Township has endorsed denser development around the Spring Mill Train Station. Whitemarsh Township adopted a study it conducted in the Spring Mill area in June of 2022.

In regards to the sketch plan, no recommendation is sought by the applicant. A sketch plan is really just a step to receive feedback before submitting an application.

For the subdivision, the applicant is seeking for the planning commission to make a recommendation to the board of supervisors.