Are Stephen Starr, Marc Vetri and Jose Garces Headed to Conshy?

It what can only be described as a weird article on Conshohocken’s dining scene, Philadelphia Magazine labeled Conshohocken as the up-and-coming Philadelphia neighborhood/town.   While the sentiment is true, the examples they provide consist of an odd assortment of local restaurants.

It is also odd that they can write an article about Conshohocken’s restaurants and not mention The StoneRose.  It is vastly poplar, as I see via my sources for web traffic, and its reopening after the fire was the most anticipated restaurant event I have witnessed since starting in 2009.

The article ends with a suggestion that Conshy will soon see Stephen Starr, Marc Vetri and Jose Garces scouting for suburban outposts along Fayette Street.  It states:

If you’ve got money, buy real estate, brother. With the numbers that Blackfish puts up and the back-to-back successes of Isabella and 401, it’s only a matter of time before Philly’s other big names start looking at expanding their reach into the ’burbs.

So Conshy, does this article hit the mark?  What is your favorite restaurant and why should it have been mentioned?  Do you think the celebrity chefs and owners would be interested in Conshy?  If so, is it a good or bad thing?

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