Candidate for Conshohocken’s Borough Council Questions Lack of Police Presence

Kevin Dwyer, the Democratic Party candidate for Conshohocken Borough Council in Ward 6, recently made a post on Facebook after witnessing a driver run through a stop sign on West 10th Avenue. His post questions why is a lack of police presence based on the amount of the Borough’s budget dedicated to the police department. His post reads:

Just witnessed someone blow thru the stop sign on W. 10th Ave. Where is our police protection?? I was out in our ward all weekend and didn’t see an officer anywhere. Half our budget goes to police protection, what are we paying for???

We looked at the budget for the Borough for 2017 and the Conshohocken Police Department does have approximately 50% of the just over $11 million operating budget dedicated to it. It is shy of 50% by about $550,000. According to the budget, Conshohocken has 21 full time and one part time police officers (from the chief down) and then 24 employees under an Administrative Division that includes office staff, parking enforcement, crossing guards and fire police.

So what do our readers think? Do you feel the Conshohocken Police Department makes its presence felt enough in the neighborhoods?