Carol’s Place has closed in Conshohocken

Carol’s Place, a bar at 201 West 6th Avenue in Conshohocken, has closed its doors. The corner, neighborhood bar has been open since 1973.

The closure was announced via Instagram and the closing night was December 29th (a neighbor told us the last night was a real banger).

Below is the announcement:

It is with mixed emotions a heart full of memories that we share some significant news with all of you. After an incredible journey spanning nearly five decades, or beloved bar, Carol’s Place of Conshohocken, which has been a cherished part of our family since 1973, is closing its doors for good.

The decision wasn’t made lightly, and it is bittersweet to say goodbye to a place that holds so many wonderful memories for our family and all of you. We want to express our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who has been part of this incredible journey – your laughter, stories, and camaraderie have made Carol’s more than just a bar; its been a second home.

We are told that the property is in the process of being sold and there will be more information about this in the coming weeks.

More to come.