Conshohocken-based attorneys new directors of Philadelphia Folk Festival

The Philadelphia Folk Festival recently announced new management for the 2024 edition of the festival. Blind Justice Music is comprised of two Conshohocken-based attorneys, Andrew (pictured left) and Michael (pictured right) Braunfeld, who will serve as directors and Kimberly Sinclair is the new artistic director.

“The Philadelphia Folk Festival has a rich legacy of celebrating folk music in all its forms. We are confident that with Andrew & Michael Braunfeld and Kimberly Sinclair at the helm, the festival will continue to evolve, enchant, and captivate audiences,” said Board President Miles Thompson.

The festival recently went through the strains for the pandemic and due to financial reasons was not held in 2023. It is now set to return over three days from August 16-18. Tickets are available online.

Blind Justice Music produced the Spring Gulch Folk Festival in New Holland, PA for 20 years. The Braunfeld’s law firm, Masterson Braunfeld, has been counsel to the Philadelphia Folksong Society and the Philadelphia Folk Festival and Andrew previously served on the society’s board for more than 30 years. In addition, he served as the organization’s president for five years. Michael has also served on the board as secretary and vice president.

The pair also have experience in the festival’s management, Andrew has been part of the management of the Philadelphia Folk Festival as a co-chair over the course of six decades, serving one year as the festival’s chairman. Michael has for years lent his knowledge of the music business and performing skills to the festival as a consultant in a variety of areas.

Michael is also a singer and songwriter, you can view one of his videos below.

Photos: Andrew Braunfeld (L): Jayne Toohey. Michael Braunfeld (R): Stacie Huckeba