Conshohocken Beer Garden Getting Closer to Opening

The Conshohocken Beer Garden is getting closer to opening. While no official “opening day” has been announced, the best way to make sure you are among the first to know when it is opening is to register on the invitation list.

Why an invitation list? The type of liquor license being utilized requires a guest list (its a PLCB thing, not something we created). Once you receive the invite, you can register to attend. This is a free and easy process.

Are you asking, do I really need to register to attend or can I just register at the door? If you don’t register beforehand and just show-up you will be allowed to register at the door if there is remaining capacity.

So what do you have to look forward to at the Conshohocken Beer Garden? There will be great food, beer and wine from Bar Lucca and Pepperoncini (they have a rotating schedule), live music, baggo, giant jenga and a scenic view of the river.

So register below and prepare for a great time at the Conshohocken Beer Garden:



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