Conshohocken Considering Upgrading Parking Meters

On tonight’s agenda for the meeting of Conshohocken’s Borough Council is an item that states, “Authorize the Borough Manager to contract with Parkmobile, LLC to offer an electronic payment service alternative for the borough’s parking meters.” It sounds like the new system will work alongside the ability to pay with change as you would now. Obviously everyone doesn’t have a smart phone or tablet or will want to download an app to park on a rare visit to Conshohocken.

We looked up Parkmobile and found that the service is app based and allows for users to register and pay for metered parking. The agenda item is listed under the “consent agenda” which means it has previously been discussed and isn’t considered controversial. So tonight there will likely be a vote to approve it.

Below is a video from Parkmobile showing how it works:

from Parkmobile on Vimeo.