Daniel’s new streetery along East 1st Avenue in Conshohocken wasn’t properly approved. Borough manager accepts blame

As you may have noticed this week, Daniel’s Restaurant has a new outdoor seating area, or streetery, that occupies four parking spaces in front of the restaurant on East 1st Avenue. We received a few inquiries about this from the public. This surprised us because we had been told about the concept in September of last year and had anticipated it appearing on an agenda for Conshohocken’s Borough Council. However, it never did.

So what happened?

According to a memo (view memo) sent by Borough Manager Stephanie Cecco to members of borough council and mayor on May 2nd, she failed to follow the proper procedure and place the request from the restaurant on a borough council agenda for discussion and the requirement to pass a resolution to implement a 90-day temporary restriction on the parking spots involved. That will now be done after-the-fact at the May 15th meeting of borough council.

The outdoor seating area is now permitted from May through October of 2024 and will be re-evaluated to determined if it should be allowed to continue in future years, along with potentially expanding it to other areas of the borough.

One nearby neighbor that MoreThanTheCurve.com spoke with was concerned that they weren’t informed of the plan prior to it being implemented and felt that the reduction of the four parking spots will result in more vehicles being parked along Spring Mill Avenue and Harry Street.