Conshohocken Train Station on Agenda for Conshohocken’s Borough Council

The future of the Conshohocken Train Station is on the agenda for Conshohocken Borough Council’s meeting on Wednesday, October 3rd at 7:00 p.m. The agenda item reads:

Proposed Plans for SEPTA Transportation Station, Melissa Cooper and Alicia Nardo, SEPTA

This has been in the works for some time, but will be the first time the plans will be discussed publicly.

The image above shows what we have been told over the years. That the station will move down towards Oak Street. We have heard at various times that improvements will include a vehicle crossing at Oak Street. We have also heard it will not. The plan for parking will also be interesting to learn.

As it reads, what will be discussed is a “proposed” plan, so it is likely they will make a presentation and then the Borough and public will offer input and the plan could be altered to recognize these suggestions.

Stay tuned.