Drone Footage of The Great American Pub’s New Roof Top Garden

As we have reported, The Great American Pub is adding a roof top garden. It should be open by spring of 2018. The construction is underway, but the spate of snow storms created delays.

The space is approved for just under 200 people. It will likely be open daily starting at 5:00 p.m., will offer a scaled down menu (about seven items) and will have its own four-sided bar (pictured at top of article). There will be a variety of seating areas and high tops. There is a stair well and elevator providing access to the roof. The roof also has its own bathrooms.

For weddings being held in The Great American Pub’s Valley Top Ballroom, the roof top garden will be available for the cocktail reception.

Below is drone footage showing the roof and the progress on construction:

Video: Courtesy of The Great American Pub.

Photo: The Great American Pub