“Fitman” Eric Brown’s 7 Steps To Build Your Dream Body

“Fitman” Eric Brown, NGA Pro Natural Bodybuilder and owner/head coach of The Fitman Performance and Physique Center in Roslyn, says that many of the clients he works with have an idea of how they want to look. He says this thought process applies to his natural bodybuilding clients and his mainstream clients.

“I’ve had requests from some people for me to turn them into The Rock, or Jennifer Lopez, and even Beyonce,” he says. I believe that you can be inspired by someone’s look, but ultimately your genetics are too unique to develop someone else’s physique.

You cannot look exactly like me and I cannot look exactly like you. That’s why the most important thing to focus on during your fitness journey is maximizing yourself.”

While there are many reasons to start training, Fitman says that most people initially get involved in the fitness game to change their physique. “I’d say the vast majority of the people who start training at a gym want to look better and improve how they feel about their appearance,” he said. Most people want to look in the mirror and feel great about what they are looking at.”

How To Build Your Dream Body

Fitman says that despite what your goal is you have to put in the work to make it happen.  Saying you want it is one thing, but doing the work is the real thing.

“Anyone you see with a phenomenal physique and who is in great shape has been putting in the work for many years,” he said. Nobody went from being out of shape to acquiring a fit superstar physique overnight. But by implementing these 7 keys into your life, your dream body can be yours.”

1) Lifting Weights

Fitman says that lifting weights will allow you the ability to build muscle mass and sculpt your body the way you want it to look.

“You are the artist and the iron is your brush,” he said. He said that focusing on basic, compound exercises like squats, dips, deadlifts, pull-ups, and lunges are the fastest and most reliable way to change your body. Isolation exercises like curls, extensions, flyes, and calf raises are also very useful for building a complete physique.

“It’s all about mastering the basics, consistently challenging yourself, and making progress over time. Lift 3-5 days per week for the best results.”

2) Eating Correctly

Fitman says that a major source of frustration from gym goers comes from when they are consistent in the gym, but their body is not really changing. “Consistent, hard training is important, but without eating a proper diet, you truly cannot see the fruits of your labor in the mirror.” He says controlling your caloric intake, along with eating nutritious food the majority of the time are the keys to gaining muscle mass and losing body fat.

3) Prioritizing Sleep

“Skimping on sleep is not a great long-term plan for success when you want to maximize your physique and performance,” he said. “7-8 hours of sleep per night is ideal to get the best results at the gym. But life is not ideal and will throw a monkey wrench at everyone from time to time. However, it is still up to you to make an effort to get more quality sleep.”

4) Limit Your Stress

“Listen, life is not easy. Things will happen that are out of your control, but how you respond to the situation matters much more than what happened to you,” he said. “Did Johnny Jerk just cut you off in traffic? Instead of losing your cool, compose yourself and keep on driving. If you respond like most people do and start cussing and carrying on, you will raise your stress levels exponentially.” Fitman says that the decisions you make in stressful moments can shape your entire day. “Fortunately, I believe that hard training is the best stress reliever in the world.”

5) Focusing on Progression

“Your workouts must consistently get more difficult in order for you to build your dream body. Increase the difficulty of your workout by using more weight, doing more reps, or reducing your rest periods.”

6) Performing Conditioning

Fitman says that conditioning workouts could include sprinting, sled pushing, or calisthenics. “If the conditioning scares you a bit, gets your heart thumping, and makes you wonder why you workout in the first place, then you are doing real conditioning,” he said. “But if you are at the gym, watching the Eagles game, while walking at a snail’s pace on a treadmill, you are literally going nowhere fast in terms of building your dream body.”

7) Evaluate Your Circle

“If you hang out with losers, their bad habits will bring you down and you will eventually become a loser. If you hang out with winners, they will inspire you to get better and eventually you will become a winner.” “You don’t have to be “perfect” to acquire your dream body. I do not bat 1000 with these 7 steps every single time. But you do need to be consistent, and give a quality effort over time.”

Consult With A Professional For Free

Consult With A Professional For Free

Fitman Eric Brown is offering free client consultations at his gym for the remainder of April 2023. These consultations (a $75 value) include a physique/performance evaluation, a nutritional assessment, and a professional recommendation on program design after the consultation. His assessments are available for everyone including natural bodybuilders, high school/college/pro athletes, and people who are not competitive athletes but just want to improve their fitness levels and change their lives.

Schedule your free consultation by booking an appointment on his website at FitmanClassicBodybuilding.com/Book-Appointments-With-Fitman. New client assessments will be available in April, Monday through Friday from 10:45a to 1p and Saturday from 12p to 2p. But you must book your appointment online to get your spot while you can. When you are working with Fitman, you are working with an honest, certified professional whose primary focus is on getting results.