Got pollen? Get a free car wash and special offer on unlimited washes in West Conshohocken

Did you know? Pollen has an acidity that can actually corrode the body of your car and cause damage to the paint. There are several precautions you can take during pollen season to ensure your car stays clean, protected, and maintains its value but the #1 thing you can do is; WASH YOUR CAR MORE OFTEN. Washing your car every other day is recommended to get pollen off your car as soon as possible.  The longer you leave pollen on your car, the more damage it can do and the harder it will be to get completely off.

The car wash, EverWash Unlimited at 146 Crawford Avenue in West Conshohocken, offers unlimited car washes for one low price. The regular price is $49.99 a month and is currently being offered for $39.99 a month. Come as much as you like!

NEW MEMBERS, received your first month of unlimited washed for only $9.99. Come try us out! To obtain a free car wash visit this link.