How Conshohocken voted

Going into the 2020 general election, the Borough of Conshohocken had 6,836 registered voters. The election in the borough saw 5,504 ballots cast resulting in a turnout of 80.51%.

Conshohocken voters came out big for Democratic Party candidates on the November 3rd election. Democratic Party candidates won the majority of votes in every race on the ballot in the Borough of Conshohocken.

PresidentBiden (D)Trump (R)Jorgensen (L)
Precinct 176936117
Precinct 2169672
Precinct 380128616
Precinct 46113356
Precinct 545122714
Precinct 64422539
Precinct 741420612

However, there are some interesting things to point out. Joe Biden improved on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 result by 600 votes. Donald Trump improved on his vote total from 2016 by 167.

Biden also generally outperformed other Democrats on the ballot while Trump underperformed against other Republicans.

US House of RepDean (D)Barnette (R)
Precinct 1737393
Precinct 216175
Precinct 3739435
Precinct 4572364
Precinct 5429249
Precinct 6412283
Precinct 7394232

For example, incumbent Madeleine Dean (D) was up for re-election in the US House of Representatives. She faced first-time candidate Kathy Barnette (R). Dean garnered 213 fewer votes than Biden. Barnette outperformed Trump by 206 votes.

You could look to the lack of a third party in the congressional race as one of the reasons behind this, but there were actually 83 more votes in the presidential race than the congressional race which is very close to the 76 votes cast for the Libertarian candidate for president (but there is no way to know for sure).

OfficeD CandidateBidenR CandidateTrump
Attorney General3,4573,6571,7551,735
Auditor General3,1773,6571,8801,735
State House of Reps3,6613,6571,7021,735
State Senate4,3123,657No Candidate

If you look at all the other races, the pattern of overperforming and underperforming holds up in three of the five races. Note that while the Republicans had a candidate on the ballot for the statehouse seat, its’ candidate did not actively campaign. The fifth race was uncontested as incumbent State Senator Vincent Hughes did not have a Republican challenger.

Note that any comparison to 2016 involves 2016 official results and 2020 unofficial results. All results from 2020 are unofficial and were taken from the Montgomery County election dashboard.

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