“It’s Gonna Get Hot Tonight” mentions Conshohocken

A reader sent us a note this morning about a song he heard while listening to SiriusXM’s Radio Margaritaville. The song, “It’s Gonna Get Hot Tonight” mentions Conshohocken during a city call-out verse that includes Conshy with Boston, Los Angles, and New York City.

We emailed Tom Rush, who wrote and performs the song, and asked how Conshohocken was included in the lyrics. He responded with:

First, I want to make it clear that I LOVE Conshohocken but, ultimately, I included your town because it rhymes with “rockin”, as in “They’re gonna be rockin’ in Conshohocken!” Also, it’s right next door to Gladwyne where my friend Dan K, a party animal in the first degree, resides.

The album, What I Know, which features “It’s Gonna Get Hot Tonight” is available at www.TomRush.com/Store. Rush will be appearing at the Sellersville Theater on November 13th. You can find details on this show and all of his upcoming concerts at www.TomRush.com/Shows.

Photo: Tom Rush