Local Republicans Put Wrong Date for Election on Mailers, Etc

The Conshohocken Democrats’ Facebook page (the same page that attacked the founder of MoreThanTheCurve.com when we pointed out how the Borough of Conshohocken buys its insurance, which we will have more on later today) pointed out that the local Republicans can’t seem to get the date right for the upcoming election.

Of course the admin for the Conshohocken Democrats page takes it too far and claims its “voter suppression”. You don’t try to suppress votes by putting the wrong date on the sign promoting your own campaign. You try to suppress the vote by targeting voters who aren’t likely to vote for you.

So tell us what you think, “voter suppression” or just being sloppy? Let us know in the comments.

UPDATE – We made a mistake on our Facebook page stating the image was of a sign. It is actually a mailer. Also, we communicated with Joe Ferrigno of the Conshohocken Republican Committee. He shared that the mailer was sent to everyone in the ward, not just Democrats. Shank Printing, the printer of the mailer, also said the mistake was made in the proofing stage (this information can be found within the comments of the Facebook post on the Conshohocken Democrats’ Facebook page).