Megan Penrice

How did you come to live and/or work in Conshohocken?

I moved to Conshohocken in June of 2008 after getting engaged to my husband Joe.  He had bought a condo in the Grande about a year before we met while I was living in South Jersey.  After meeting him and spending a lot of time in Conshohocken, I simply fell in love with this town because of its small town nature.  I love getting to know people in town and supporting local businesses.  Having the ability to walk to so many places is such a fabulous thing!  I especially love taking walks around town with my husband and our dog Fritz.

What do you do (career wise)?

Currently, I am an elementary English as a Second Language teacher at Loring Flemming Elementary School in Gloucester Township, NJ.  I teach students from all over the world in grades 1 to 5.  It is very rewarding because I truly am an advocate for the students who are at a language deficit, serving as more than an educator for them in the school community.  I am also a certified Spanish teacher and have been teaching for the past eight years at various levels, elementary through community college, of ESL and Spanish.

While my roots are in education, my heart is also in fundraising and community building.  I currently chair a fundraising effort in Conshohocken to raise money for local events and organizations through the Society of Progressive Drinkers.  My efforts invite neighbors to monthly happy hours at various Conshohocken establishments  to raise money for such events and organizations via the generous donations of local business owners who donate a percentage of the bar bill to the various causes.  So far, our group has raised money for the Conshohocken 4th of July fireworks and the Conshohocken Little League thanks to the charitable contributions of both Robin Gupta of Guppy’s Good Times and Brian Pieri of the Stone Rose.  Our next happy hour on Tuesday, May 4 will be at Totaro’s and will benefit the Conshohocken Soap Box Derby.  Professionally speaking, I would love to get more involved in these efforts to highlight Conshohocken as a wonderful town to live in and raise a family.

What do you love most about Conshohocken?

There is so much to love about Conshohocken!  I love how there is so much important to me in just a square mile town.  I grew up in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia and Conshohocken has the same small town feel as I experienced growing up in a city neighborhood.  Besides having so much within walking distance and having such a quaint nature, it is just a train ride away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  To me, Conshohocken is a very special place because it is such a close nit community.  This town truly has personality!

What are your favorite places in Conshohocken?

If you asked most people who know me, they would tell you immediately that one of my favorite places in Conshohocken is Guppy’s Good Times.  I feel at home at Guppy’s, which I often compare to Cheer’s because it’s where every one knows your name (or at least mine because I live across the street and constantly frequent this friendly establishment.)  One of the things that draws me to Guppy’s is the philanthropic nature of its owner, Robin Gupta.  He truly gives back to the community every chance he gets and I find it quite admirable.  It’s encouraging to support a business that you know gives back to the community.  Some of my other personal favorite places in town are the Stone Rose, Spamps, Scoops, the Great American Pub, Win Wah, and the 4th Street Deli.