Moorehead Avenue in West Conshohocken Getting Two Speed Humps

During its June 12th meeting, West Conshohocken’s Borough Council voted to award a contract for the installation of two speed humps on Moorehead Avenue. Back in September 2015, a group calling itself “The Concerned and Committed Residents of West Conshohocken” sought support for four traffic-related issues. Adding speed humps on Moorehead was one of the items. The driving concerns involved speed and the volume of pass-through traffic.

In 2016 Borough Council approved an ordinance that would allow the addition of speed humps under specific situations. In July 2017, Borough Council voted against adding speed humps to Moorehead Avenue, due to objections made by the George Clay Fire Company. Speed humps aren’t fire truck friendly and are believed to reduce response times.

On June 20th, the Borough of West Conshohocken sent a letter to its residents stating that work on the speed bumps would take place within several weeks and was notifying them about the need to close the road when the work takes place.

What makes this interesting is that residents of certain streets across the river in Conshohocken have sought similar traffic calming measures. Now that residents in West Conshohocken were able to successfully appeal to their local government for the speed humps it is likely to re-energize calls for speed humps in Conshohocken.

Photo: Google