Multiple Vehicles Broken Into in Conshohocken on April 30th

There have recently been numerous social media posts and messages to about vehicles being broken into on the east side of Conshohocken and at the apartment buildings on the riverfront.

We reached out to Conshohocken’s Chief of Police George Metz about the issue. He offered the following:

Multiple vehicles were entered in the early morning hours of 4/30.  Most vehicles entered were unlocked, however, some of them were entered after windows were broken.  These incidents occurred in several spots on the lower east end but most were 301 and 309 Washington Street. One vehicle was stolen. 

As always, best advice:  Lock your vehicle, do not leave keys or valuables in the vehicle.  Suspects have been identified by our detectives and arrests are pending.  The stolen vehicle has been recovered.  Based on our identification of suspects, Philadelphia police are going to have charges also.