Old Borough Hall…What to Do?

Since 2004 old Borough Hall at 8th and Fayette has sat idle, except for public meetings and the occasional event.  Why?  The Borough did three studies which said that there is a mold problem.  You can learn more about this by reading this story on Philly.com.

It is a beautiful Victorian building with a nice deck and yard.  Obviously, whoever eventually decides to clean-up the mold issue has a great opportunity to own what is a jewel along Fayette Street.

The Ideas

One of the first things I considered was a Bed & Breakfast.  While Conshy is not exactly a vacation destination, it does have a large number of business travelers coming into Conshy/West Conshy each week.  I am sure there are a handful of people who might want the atmosphere of a Bed & Breakfast over a business hotel.  There is also the opportunity to have a cafe with outdoor dining on the deck and in the yard.

I had one person write in to offer his opinion.  Dennis Hanan states, “I think Borough Hall would make an  awesome Bed & Breakfast place.  I have thought that for years.”

But is a Bed & Breakfast the best idea?  I think another good idea is a brewery.  At least four breweries existed in Conshy’s past; Conshohocken Brewing Company, F.X. Reiger Conshohocken Brewery, Crystal Springs Brewing Company and Gulf Brewing Company.

Why does a brewery make sense at that location?  Beer people seek out breweries.  It offers a destination type experience that is currently lacking in Conshohocken, except for the BYOB Blackfish.  It will also gives the upper avenues an anchor business to redevelop around.

Get where I am heading.  Our new proposed redevelopment of Conshy has a live music venue and retail near 1st and Fayette, a specialty market and retail at 4th and Fayette and now a brewery at 8th and Fayette.  We have now built a more vibrant and walkable Fayette Street.  Next week we discuss the train station.

So there are two ideas for old Borough Hall.  Comments are open here and on Facebook.