Ever wonder where to find that old movie you loved or an actual vinyl record?  Well the place is right in West Conshohocken and its called Oldies.com and they offer thousands of titles on DVD, CD, VHS and vinyl that you can order online, over the phone and even through the mail (no they don’t allow visitors).

You want the first season of I Love Lucy, they got it.  More of a Lone Ranger kind of guy or girl?  They got it.  Fan of Sid and Marty Kroft?  You can find your fix of HR Puffinstuff in West Conshy.

Oldies.com is actually part of a company called Gotham Distributing that also includes Alpha Video and Collectible Records.  Alpha Video is the third largest distributor of television programs behind big names such as Warner Bros. and Paramount and the second largest distributor of films on video.  They focus on public domain shows and films.

Collectables Records is the largest independently-owned, and family-operated, reissue label in the country. It maintains a catalog of thousands of active titles on compact disc and vinyl.

So next time you have the urge to hear some doo wop, or want to see the original King Kong, visit West Conshohocken’s Oldies.com.