Opinion | Endorsements for the Primary Election in Montgomery County

No one asked for it, but you are getting it! Our honest, sometimes harsh, endorsements for the upcoming primary election in Montgomery County. Please note this offers the opinion of Kevin Tierney and no one else at Burb Media. We also did not weigh in on the judicial races. We do not know enough about those candidates and races to offer an opinion.

A central character, Democrat Party Boss Jason Salus), also once tried to get us canceled. So, we acknowledge that.

Montgomery County Commissioner – Democratic Party

Let’s have a heart-to-heart Democrats. Democrats have stressed that all of the candidates running “share the same values.” So why not vote for those who are not at least outwardly compromised by their association with Jason Salus and party leadership and as The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote in its recent headline the Montgomery County’s Democratic Party’s “pay-to-play-culture.”

As a Republican in Montco, I don’t expect my side to win a lot of elections. However, I would hope that the party in power is at least not working to benefit its leadership and donors while claiming to work for everyone.

So whatever you do, don’t vote for the endorsed candidate Jamila Winder, nor her chosen running mate Kimberly Koch. A vote for them is a vote for Jason Salus and reinforces the “pay-to-play culture.”

Feel free to vote for Neil Makhija, Tanya Bamford, or Noah Marlier, and send a message.

One caveat, the three we recommended all sought party’s leadership endorsement, so while this isn’t perfect, it is the best you can do and hopefully, electing two unendorsed candidates will weaken Salus and send him to the sidelines. It would be a huge embarrassment for him (especially after already being chased out of the elections involving the Colonial School District).

We have one disclosure, The Bamford campaign advertised with Burb Media’s three sites, including this one.

Montgomery County Commissioner – Republican Party

Incumbent Joe Gale is encouraging his supporters to “bullet vote” and only vote for one candidate when you can vote for two. Gale is at odds with his own party and there are two other candidates that the party endorsed, Tom DiBello and Liz Ferry.

The question for Republicans is whether they want Gale and his rhetoric or a chance to eventually take back the majority. I realize that taking back the majority is unlikely anytime soon, but I believe in putting yourself in the best position to take advantage of a situation when it arises.

Joe Gale doesn’t do that for you.

So vote for DeBello and Ferry.

Montgomery County Row Offices – Democratic Party

There is only one competitive primary for the Montgomery County Row Offices, the Register of Wills. While there is no endorsed candidate, Tina Lawson is the preferred candidate for Salus. So vote for Hillary Fuelleborn.

Jason Salus is running as an incumbent for Montgomery County Treasurer. Write someone in or leave it blank. Democrats, if you aren’t willing to do this, there is no hope.

The same goes for Sean Kilkenny who is running as an incumbent for Montgomery County Sheriff. In addition to being sheriff, his law firm with his name on it holds NUMEROUS municipal contracts. While the Inquirer article mentioned Kilkenny, it mainly focused on another law firm that is tight with the party’s leadership. There could easily be a similar article focused on Kilkenny.

The others, who cares? These offices should all be run by professionals, not hack elected officials who are backed by party leadership based on who they pick as solicitors (don’t blame me, blame the Inquirer).

Montgomery County Row Offices – Republican Party

There are not any competitive races and in some cases, the party doesn’t have a candidate on the ballot. And again, these offices should be led by professionals, So do whatever you think is best.

We would need to acknowledge that if Democrat Jason Salus advances to the general election, which he will almost certainly do as he is unopposed in the primary, he will face Tim Mahon, who I went to college with and were members of the same fraternity.