Opinion | Common sense leads to Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale not leading the reopen movement

On Mother’s Day, Montgomery County Commissioner Ken Lawrence discovered he had tested positive for Coronavirus. Since then he has been in isolation, along with fellow County Commissioner Val Arkoosh, some county staff, and members of the media.

County Commissioner Joe Gale, the lone Republican county commissioner, who a source tells us was in almost daily in-person contact with Lawrence leading up to Lawrence’s positive test result, chose not to be tested and isn’t in isolation. Gale stated he would not be tested during a county press conference on May 11th. Listen below:

Gale was the lone county commissioner to vote to provide county-purchased flags to the veterans for Memorial Day. Arkoosh and Lawrence were concerned the process of placing the flags could not be done in a safe way during the pandemic.

Yesterday the veterans and others placed flags at Saint Matthew’s Cemetery in Conshohocken. The flags used were purchased with money raised through a fundraising campaign.

So what does Gale do? Instead of staying home in isolation and allowing the flags to be placed safely, he showed up without a mask on and handed out flags. Yes, a guy who publicly announced he was exposed to the Coronavirus and that he would not be tested, handed out flags while not wearing a mask. Let’s hope he doesn’t touch his face a lot.

Gale wants to be the voice of the reopening effort in Montgomery County. I generally believe the county and state need to start reopening.

Gale only hurts the argument. How many times have we heard that we need to follow a “common sense” approach to reopening? Common sense tells us that if you were exposed, you get tested or at least isolate yourself for two weeks.

Through his actions after being exposed to the Coronavirus, he has shown he doesn’t have common sense.

Gale needs to go.

He is only hurting the argument made to reopen.

Please note we texted Gale last night to ask if he had been tested and we did not receive a reply.

Photo: Screengrab from 6ABC Action News’ video