Pennsylvania Chapter of National Organization Women Now Requires Endorsed Candidates to Call for State Senator Daylin Leach (D) to Resign

The Pennsylvania chapter of the National Organization for Women issued a press release this week that states that the organization will not endorse any candidate that does not call for the resignation of State Senator Daylin Leach (D). Leach represents West Conshohocken and a portion of Plymouth Township in’s coverage area. The organization has also set the same requirement for State Representative Nicholas Miccarelli (R) and Philadelphia Sheriff Jewel Williams (D).

Leach was accused several months ago of unwanted touching and telling inappropriate jokes that made women feel uncomfortable. He dropped out of his race for Congress, but refused to resign (Governor Wolf was the most prominent person to call for him to resign) his seat in the State Senate.

More recently, Leach sent an email to the Montgomery County Democratic Committee in which he called Katie Muth, a fellow Democrat, rape survivor, and candidate for State Senate, a “toxic hand grenade.” She had previously called for him to resign and refused to share the stage with him during an event.

What is interesting about this is that it will put every Democratic Party candidate in a very awkward position. Do they not seek the endorsement to avoid the issue? Do they cave to the demand to get the endorsement? Does the organization point out who hasn’t sought its endorsement?

Below is the press release from the Pennsylvania chapter of the National Organization of Women: