Plymouth Township’s Council adopts ordinance that would provide police alternative when dealing with marijuana violations

During its meeting on January 11th, Plymouth Township’s Council voted unanimously to adopt an ordinance that provides law enforcement the ability to cite with a non-traffic citation those found with small amounts of marijuana and/or paraphernalia, or smoking marijuana in a public place.

The new ordinance establishes fines of $25 for possession of a small amount of marijuana or paraphernalia and $100 for smoking marijuana in a public place.

Currently, those found in violation are charged criminally or issued a disorderly conduct citation. During a previous meeting in December when the ordinance was discussed, the township’s police chief, John Myrsiades, stated that issuing a disorderly conduct citation isn’t really applicable and there is a need for an ordinance to address the issue specifically.

When it comes to minors, law enforcement will have the same ability to issue a non-traffic citation (to the minor or the parent/guardian on the minor’s behalf), plus notify parents/guardians of the offense, and direct those involved to information on drug education programs.

Whitemarsh Township adopted a similar ordinance in October of 2020.

Below is the video from the January 11th meeting (it is qued to the part about this ordinance).