PokeOno has closed in Conshohocken

PokeOno has closed its doors at 103 Fayette Street in Conshohocken and all of the signage has been removed from the building. It opened in what has been the home of El Limon in 2019. El Limon had moved around to the former Ted’s Pizza building which its ownership had purchased.

We had been expecting this closure to take place. In November, there was a post on Craigslist.com offering the opportunity for someone to work out a new lease with the property owner as the restaurant intended to close. There was a photo of the building that was obviously PokeOno, but the signage had been digitally covered. We contacted the owner but never received a response.

PokeOno has three other locations in Ardmore, Media, and Baltimore (MD). We do not know the status of those locations.

PokeOno’s closure comes just after Snap Custom Pizza, which was also located near the corner of East 1st Avenue and Fayette Street. However, that corner is about to have a new addition with Mochi Ring Donut preparing to open in the corner space that had been a Jimmy John’s.