RIP: Donald “Donnie Mac” Macintosh

Asking someone in Conshohocken about Donald Macinstosh would likely result in someone saying they didn’t know him. Surprised, you would respond with “Donnie Mac?” And that would almost always generate a smile, a compliment about his deli and probably an amusing story.

“Donnie Mac” passed away this morning after a two-month long battle with pancreatic cancer. It is likely that you have read this numerous times today on social media as he was a popular figure in Conshohocken.

He held court at his corner deli, Donnie Mac’s Deli on 4th, at West 4th Avenue and Fayette Street from late 2009 until last summer, when he sold to one of his longtime employees. The last time we spoke to him for any length of time he mentioned that in retirement he was planning to spend some time in Florida. He was also eager to see the completion of the patio on the backside of the deli property.

When his obituary and details on services are available we will provide an update with that information.