Security video shows crowd fleeing Fayette Street on July 4th

As reported, there was an altercation at or near the Getty station at East 8th Avenue and Fayette Street during the annual Conshohocken Soap Box Derby on July 4th. According to eyewitnesses, someone yelled “gun” or “run” or something similar, and the crowd along Fayette Street for the derby responded by fleeing the area.

On July 5th, confirmed with the Conshohocken Police Department that an investigation was underway, but that an arrest had not been made (as of yesterday afternoon).

The below video is from a security camera at the corner of East 9th Avenue and Fayette Street that shows the crowd running from the scene.

Someone commented under an earlier post that since the local television news stations hadn’t covered this, it may have been a “whole bunch of nuthin.”

The people who were there feared for their lives. Imagine standing along Fayette Street and seeing everyone a block away start running in your direction. Whether local television news reported on it is irrelevant. People were scared.

Plus remember that this happened just a few hours after the mass shooting at a Fourth of July Parade in Highland Park, IL that was all over the news when the altercation happened in Conshohocken.

Please note that the video freezes at approximately 10 seconds but continues after that.