Stormwater issue in area of Valley Green Park on agenda for Whitemarsh Township Board of Supervisors

On the February 1st agenda for the Whitemarsh Township Board of Supervisors is a a stormwater issue involving both Whitemarsh and Springfield townships. The issue is up for a discussion and no action on the matter will be determined at this meeting.

According to a document prepared by the Whitemarsh Township engineer that was included with the agenda, there is a stormwater drainage issue at the border of the two townships in the Valley Green Park area and a working group involving representatives of both townships and PennDOT have developed thee options to address it.

Below is the text of the document from the township engineer:

Springfield Township is in the process of studying stormwater drainage concerns raised by Springfield Township residents in the area of East Valley Green Road, Arlingham Road, Sunnybrook Road and Church Road, in Springfield Township. The area is directly across and upstream of the Municipal Boundary with Whitemarsh Township. Stormwater runoff from this area flows directly downstream into Whitemarsh Township through the neighborhoods along East Valley Green Road, Arlingham Road, Sunnybrook Road, Penn Street and Meadow Road. Generally, the area and roadways were developed prior to modern stormwater management regulations, and therefore are subject to flooding.

Over the last six months Springfield Township Staff has been working with Springfield Township elected officials, Whitemarsh Township staff, PennDOT maintenance staff and residents from Springfield and Whitemarsh Townships to discuss ongoing drainage issues in the area.

During their November 6, 2023 Workshop Meeting, the Springfield Board of Commissioners reviewed a presentation by the Springfield Township Engineer describing three conceptual options to help address stormwater issues in the area. Exhibits for each option are included at the end of this report.

All 3 options would have a positive impact and help to solve stormwater issues in the area. These options deal with the upstream watershed (mostly in Springfield Township) but would result in a reduction in stormwater flow to the downstream neighborhoods in Whitemarsh Township.

Options 1 & 2 would require acquisition and demolition of the homes on about 8 properties, to construct a stormwater basin. Option 3 would not require property acquisition, since it proposes the construction of stormwater basin at Whitemarsh Township’s Valley Green Park. All options are conceptual in nature and would require a partnership between Springfield and Whitemarsh Township and PennDOT. It is our understanding that Springfield Township is investigating grant opportunities to help fund any potential
infrastructure improvements.

Whitemarsh Township has a policy to acquire properties impacted by stormwater. Two homes on Mather’s Lane were purchased due to the impact of stormwater in 2012.

Valley Green Park is home to two basketball courts, a playground, and a softball field.

You can view the documents about this issue on page 113 of the agenda.

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 1st at 6:00 p.m. at the township building in Lafayette Hill.

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