Super Bowl Ring Making the Rounds in Lafayette Hill Too

While Torrey Smith was making rounds in Conshohocken showing off his Super Bowl ring, Chris Peduzzi was doing the same in Lafayette Hill. Peduzzi, the head athletic trainer and director of sports medicine for the 2017-18 Philadelphia Eagles was at Ply-Mar Swim Club and the Ye Olde Ale House with his ring and allowed a bunch of people to take photographs wearing it.

Overall, Peduzzi was with the Eagles for 19 years and resigned after the Super Bowl due to family and health issues. His wife, Cathy Peduzzi, worked for the Eagles from 2000 to 2007. They met while working for the team. Collectively, the couple have three rings from their time with the Eagles. While he has a Super Bowl ring from this past season, both have a NFC Championship ring from the 2004 season (all three rings can be seen in the photo at the top).

Below are some photos of others wearing the Super Bowl ring:

Photos: Cathy Peduzzi