Sweat Fitness’ Beach Body Challenge Starts May 1st

There is still time to register Sweat Fitness’ Beach Body Challenge, which starts on May 1st. The challenge has been designed by Sweat’s own elite personal trainers and registered dietitians. They made it specifically to get you ready for Memorial Day. Everything from your workouts to how much protein you eat a day is planned for you. All you have to do is commit.

Beach Body pic

Your workouts will be sent to you everyday, the day before so you can plan. The workouts are designed to fit any fitness level and modifications are provided if you need them. Each workout concludes with a 30 minute Cardio Blast of your choosing. It can be any workout that gets your heart pumping and body moving.

Beach body protein

The nutrition plan is sent to you at the beginning of your challenge. Sweat’s Registered Dietitians designed a plan to get your fit fast. Not every recipe for every meal is given because it is designed to give you freedom to create your own meals using ingredients you like. Dietary alternatives including gluten free, dairy free, and vegan are all included.

The Beach Body Challenge is $99.00 for members and non-members. Non-members receive a 28 day Sweat Fitness trial when they purchase the challenge.

The $99 not only includes daily workouts, a nutrition plan, it also includes full access to a personal trainer and dietitian to answer any questions you may have about your workouts or nutrition plan during the challenge. It also includes two free dietitian sessions, one free personal training session, and an exclusive 28 Day Challenge T-shirt that can only be earned.

Visit any Sweat Fitness location to register (the Conshy location is on the backside of Plymouth Square Shopping Center) or visit Sweat’s website to sign up today.