The 1912 Club in Plymouth Meeting seeking zoning relief to add 8′ fence around portion of the property

The 1912 Club (previously known as Plymouth Country Club) in Plymouth Meeting (Plymouth Township) is seeking zoning relief to construct a 8′ fence (with a screen material) around the golf course area of the approximately 115-acre property. You can view the application here.

The application was first scheduled to be considered during a September 18th meeting, but has been continued until the meeting on October 16th.

The township’s zoning code allows for a 6′ fence, however, the relief is needed due to the club’s desire to install an 8′ fence. What the zoning hearing board is determining is whether the club can have fencing that is two feet higher than what is permitted. Whether the club can have a fence is not at issue.

Currently, the area of the club along Plymouth Road has split rail fencing and there is no fencing along Belvoir Road. There is chain link fence with a screen material along New Hope Street.

The diagram included with the application shows proposed fencing along the length of Plymouth Road between Belvoir Road to the club’s maintenance area near the intersection of Plymouth Road and New Hope Street. Fencing would also be added along the club’s Belvoir Road border. Existing chain link fencing along New Hope Street would be repaired. There are also other areas that aren’t as visible from the street.

During the September 18th meeting, at least several people who live near the club attended and based on their comments are against the application. While no hearing was held, they still spoke out about the about the appearance of a chain link fence and the impact of the fencing on wildlife. There was also a post on Facebook about this issue and it had similar comments.

An email seeking comment from The 1912 Club was not returned. We inquired about the purpose of the fence and the need for an additional two feet.

More to come.

Top Photo – Google
Image of Fence – From the club’s zoning application